Кафедра соціальної інформатики


About us

The Social Informatics Department was founded in 2003 and is basic for analysts of consolidated information training in Ukraine.

The major Department was formed to train students in the following  specialties 122 CS and 124 CA in specialization: “Consolidated Information” (CI) opened in Ukraine by the Department members and “Social Informatics”. In the Western World these specialties refer to the new information areas. The training is based on the unique scientific school of the noospheric stage of scientific development.

The specialization of KI is the preparation of assistant managers of any level. The analogues of the new profession – business-analyst, information analyst, consulting analyst, knowledge engineer, knowledge director, deputy manager for information and analytics activity etc. – are the most asked-for professions in advanced countries, besides these professionals are to sustain high competitiveness for organizations, states and human.

The innovative scientific school of the Department “Noospheric Methodologies and Technologies of Solving Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence Problems” is based upon new unique systemological methodology and powerful systemological knowledge-oriented cognitive methods and technologies of noospheric stage of scientific development which are successfully implemented into many subject areas.

The mission of the Social Informatics Department for development of the organizations, state and human includes:

  • the formation and implementation of the creative innovative way of thinking and systemological world-view as a ground for noosphere and information society;
  • the development and teaching the systemological knowledge-oriented cognitive methods, technologies and instruments of social problems efficient decision;
  • the decision of complicated ill-structured quality tasks taking into account the information semantics;
  • the sustaining of training the specialists able to carry out adjusting information and analytical support of business-systems for their stable development and competitive growth based upon knowledge management and information resources formation and implementation;
  • the development, use and implementation of the scientific picture of the world and problem areas through knowledge systematization based upon the systemological approach;
  • the proliferation of the modern information and organization culture;
  • the creation of intellectual capital and knowledge economy.

The Department fulfills its mission successfully for the development of NURE as the main scientific and educational base of Ukraine in the sphere of knowledge management, information and analytical activity, knowledge economy, competitive intelligence and information consolidation.