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SI department develops a new scientific school and a new innovative direction «Noospheric methods of solving problems of knowledge management and competitive intelligence». This scientific school belongs to the new informational direction, which is booming in the West. It is closely related to important areas of system analysis, artificial intelligence and information technology. At First this approach offers to solve these problems on the base of new unique methodology of noospheric stage of development of science i.e. on the base of systemology, systematic cognitive knowledge-oriented methods and technology which is developed in NURE (at SI department) more than 20 years under the direction of doctor of technical sciences, professor Solovyova K. O.

Solution of problems of knowledge management and competitive intelligence will allow you to build a knowledge-based economy; to increase the competitiveness of the company, organizations, firms, enterprises; to ensure the sustainable development of social systems and the integration of Ukraine into the world community; to increase the level of investment in the Ukrainian economy.


The department has 13 agreements on international cooperation with foreign universities and organizations, for example:

1) Stockholm University (Sweden).

2) Hasselt University (Belgium).

3) Faculty of Computer Science Ain-Shams University (Egypt).

4) Institute of Information Theories and Applications FOI ITHEA (Bulgaria).

There are collaboration with Institute of Information Theories and Applications FOI ITHEA (Болгарія) and with Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in the field of science, organization and holding of scientific conferences of the series of international events ITA, participation in program committees of international conferences, editions of international journals, and publication of articles.

There is collaboration with Проводиться співпраця з Faculty of Computer Science, University of Ayn Shams (Egypt) in the field of Computer Science preparing the issue of the magazine EGYPTIAN COMPUTER SCIENCE JOURNAL, reviewing scientific articles, international reports, and more. The staff of the department is working on the preparation of grants and the conclusion of new research topics.

SI department and NUC UZ actively co-operate with the Institute of Cybernetics named  V.M. Glushkov National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the field of knowledge management and ontological engineering, systemology, interdisciplinary research. The scientific adviser of NUC UZ is the deputy director of the Institute of IK of NASU academician Palagin O.V.

Representative of the IC of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Ph.D. Velychko V.Yu. comes annually to the Department of SI, speaks at scientific seminars of the Department of SI and NSC UZ with reports. He also speaks annually at the conference “Knowledge Management and Competitive Exploration” within the framework of the International Youth Forum. This year he also transferred to the SI Department within the framework of cooperation a unique national instrumental program complex TODOS to support ontology along with the documentation that has been developed for many years in the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and is widely implemented in Ukraine. This program complex is also successfully implemented in the scientific and educational process of the SI department.



For 9 years within the framework of the International Youth Forum “Radio Electronics and Youth in the 21st Century” the Department successfully hosts the conference “Knowledge Management and Competitive Exploration”. In 2019, 66 reports (13 external) were accepted at the conference “Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence”.



Solovyova  К.О.:

1) Research and use of systemology in knowledge management, information consolidation, competitive intelligence.

2) Systematization of knowledge and ontological engineering on the basis of criteria of natural classification.

 3) Obtaining new in-depth knowledge based on systematic classification analysis.

4) Noospheric and transdisciplinary studies.

Shostak  І.V.:

1) Methods and tools of Smart Enterprise information support.

Elchaninov D.B.:

1) Systemological methods and models of public administration.
2) Use of multisets in the decision making theory.
3) Management consulting.

Danilov А.D.:

1) Systemological study of social networks on the Internet.
2) Use of a systematic approach in Social Media Marketing.
3) Systemological study of communicative aspects of information and analytical activity.

Voronoy М.P.:

1) Logical and rational judgments on systemological models.
2) Manage requirements.

Dronova-Vartanyan І.V.:

1) Intelligent decision support systems in project management and advertising management.
2) Information technologies, global and regional information environments.
3) Project management in education.

Panasovskaya Yu.V.:

1) Formation of competencies of knowledge management among employees of organizations.

The results of scientific research of the department’s staff are regularly implemented in the educational process, in particular during the master’s degree and teaching of the professional courses of the department for the educational programs “Consolidated Information” and “Social Informatics” specialty “Computer Science”. Most of the certification of masters, conducted under the guidance or counseling of teachers Solovyova K.O. and Danilov A.D., based on the use of new unique noosphere system methods developed at the SI Department.